EpiDiv2021 - Scientific Conference

Linking Ecology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in Plant Epigenetic Research Sevilla, Spain, 29 september – 1 october 2021

Organized by the European Training Network EpiDiverse (H2020-MSC-ITN-764965)

There is an ever-growing interest in the mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomena, which may be particularly crucial for the survival of plants within dynamic environments as they cannot respond behaviourally or migrate immediately.

Understanding the epigenetic contribution to plant phenotypic variation, stress responses and long-term adaptation will help to better understand species responses to global environmental change, and can open new directions for sustainable agriculture and crop breeding. Moving forward this field requires multidisciplinary cross-talk between ecologists, molecular geneticists and bioinformaticians. At the EpiDiverse conference, we will cover fundamental aspects of epigenetic regulation along with novel bioinformatic approaches to study them in model and non-model plant species, and discuss the most recent findings in population epigenomics in natural systems, epigenetic memory and inheritance, and the epigenetic contribution to plant response to biotic and abiotic stress.

Conference format

Members of the EpiDiverse consortium and some invited scientists will participate as speakers. Due to the uncertain circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not confirm the venue in Seville, Spain, and potential fees until we have a better idea of health recommendations and potential travel constraints. If you want to be informed in due time, please send an email to <epidiverseconference2021@gmail.com> with the topic: subscribe.

The abstract submission is open until June 20. The conference will promote a relaxed environment, to foster informal interactions between established leaders in the field and early stage researchers, at what will be a relatively small (around 100 delegates) meeting. More information can be found by following the link: congress epidiverse2021.

Organizing committee

Conchita Alonso1, Troyee Anupoma1, Francisco Balao2, Claude Becker3, M Teresa Boquete1, Oliver Bossdorf4, Noé Fernández-Pozo5, Katrin Heer5, Mónica Medrano1, Xavier Picó1, Lars Opgenoorth5, Koen Verhoeven6.

1Estación Biológica de Doñana, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain
2Plant Biology and Ecology Department, University of Seville, Spain
3Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna BioCenter (VBC), Austria
4Plant Evolutionary Ecology, University of Tübingen, Germany
5Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
6Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Netherlands

Keynote Speaker

  • Carlos M. Herrera, Estación Biológica de Doñana, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain

Invited Speakers

  • Hanne de Kort, Biology Department, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Xiaoqi Feng, John Innes Centre, UK
  • Helene Kretzmer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany
  • Alexander Jueterbock, Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University, Norway
  • Stéphane Maury, University of Orleans, France
  • Jurriaan Ton, Department of Animal and Plant Science, University of Sheffield, UK

Social Media

Twitter: @EpiDiverse